VIDEO – Launch of MAKE/BREAK – a Digital Exhibition that traces the violence of Mumbai’s transformation into a “world-class” city.

VIDEO – MAKE/BREAK launch event.MAKE/BREAK – a Digital Exhibition that traces the violence of Mumbai’s transformation into a “world-class” city.

The exhibition emerged from a research project about the effect of the ongoing socio-spatial transformation of Mumbai on marginalised communities in the city and their responses to it. The researchers approached urban transformations through the concept of structural violence.

The case studies tell stories of the unjust peripheralization, marginalization, stigmatization of urban poor communities and illuminate their efforts to resist the violence, remake the city, and reclaim their dignity.

Do visit the exhibition here

A walk through of the exhibition with the researchers from Centre for Urban Policy and Governance (CUPG) as they discuss the idea behind the exhibition and the process of co-creating it.

Reflections by panelists on the exhibition theme and its wider relevance to the global South. Followed by Q and A with the panelists, researchers and participants.


Nitin Kubal is a committed community activist and leader from Jogeshwari East, Mumbai.

Raquel Rolnik is a professor, architect, activist and urban planner based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has served as the UN Special Rapporteur for adequate housing.

AbdouMaliq Simone is an urban scholar based in the UK and has worked extensively with urban social movements in South Africa, Indonesia, Chicago.

Moderated by Sangeeta Banerji, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Brown University.


Amita Bhide, Dean, School of Habitat Studies, TISS, Mumbai.

Himanshu Burte, Associate Professor, CUSE, IIT Bombay.

Lalitha Kamath, Associate Professor and Chairperson, CUPG, TISS Mumbai.

Ratoola Kundu, Assistant Professor, CUPG, TISS Mumbai.

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