Our 11th community story is about Prakash, a social worker from the community in the Mankhurd Transit Camp. Prakash noticed that the transit camp, a marginalised and vulnerable community, was being left out of mainstream relief efforts. In order to address this, he contacted Professor Amita Bhide and other NGOs, and conducted a survey of over 1200 households in the area to assess their needs, their levels of access to hygiene products and food, and prioritize relief efforts. Prakash’s leadership has enabled the community to access food and water, part time employment in government quarantine centres, and timely medication.

Prakash’s leadership has helped the entire community feel safer and better looked after during these trying times. We’re honoured to learn about his story and share it with others.

CEMS_Story_11_Superheroes (2)-page-001

#TISSCOVID19Response #urban #COVID19

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