Taking Inspiration from the series of maps we created for Mumbai, Rajat Chopra from Datameet Pune Community has created a similar spatial repository of essential resources for his city.

Mr. Chopra says, the map has helped him observe patterns of infection and containment in the city. The map demonstrates that areas which have slums right beside IT offices are more likely to be containment zones, making one arrive at the uncomfortable realisation that it is the poor who are disproportionately affected by the virus. Procuring the data, which was available on the PMC website, came with its own share of glitches. The website often led to broken links, and could be accessed only in Marathi. Mr. Chopra believes this map could help NGOs working around the area to know more about patterns of contamination and design relief strategies accordingly. He hopes to be able to enhance the map by adding more information about the populations living in these areas, helping users understand the demography better.

Rajat Chopra grew up in Sirsa, Haryana (where he felt he never quite fit in), and therefore went all the way to SRM University to get a graduation degree in engineering (Computer Science). He then started working for the Indian MNC Wipro, but felt like he did not belong there either. Hence, went on to pursue his Masters in Geoinformatics from Symbiosis University, Pune. After working in Bangalore for about 4 years, he decided to return to academics, and went on to pursue his PhD in geoinformatics. He works at TomTom, Pune, where he continues to work with POIs, while continuing to work on his PhD.

Mr. Chopra likes reading about GIS in his spare time. For fun, he likes to organize and participate in cultural events, cook for friends and family and enjoy playing the Nashik dhol during Ganpati Festival.

#Covid19 #Pune #urban #mapping

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