From the interview series held under the Right to City Workshop: AASHIM ROY

Highlights of the interview: Ashim Roy have been involved in the trade movement for 30 years now. He has been working with the social movements. Right to city is about people, where they can live and enjoy their life or in other words, people who constituents the city and majority are the working people who constituents the city. Therefore, right to city is the right of the working people, to have democratic space, economic space of their work, social space where they can spend their time with the family and friends and the common space where they can enjoy being together. Political and social injustice that is happening to a large section of poor people, dalits and the minorities. The working population cannot earn enough to sustain both their lives and the city that they live in, and if they cannot earn something that they cannot contribute to better housing or better spaces. 2 things are important for right to the city campaign:- First, the main wage of a worker in the city should be one that they can support their independent family in a decent house and live their life on a dignified fashion. Their wages should be such that they can afford schooling, health, and food so as to live in a comfortable and healthy way. Second, it is important to have a transportation system in a city which they can access and afford.

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