From the interview series held under the Right to City Workshop: LAKHI DAS

Lakhi Das is a member of the Adarsh Seva Sangathan (Jamshedpur). They work in collaboration with the Sanyukht Basti Samiti in 6 cities of Jharkhand. The main focus of their work is on helping the slum dwellers get access to basic amenities and the live in a secured and safe surroundings and all combined focusing on shaping the process to establish the true identity of the slum dwellers in the city.
Highlight of the Video: Her understanding of the Right to the city is multi layered. As she explains from personal experience of being a slum dweller, the perception of Right to the city implies to an individual’s participation in the local governance, its about being an integral part of the city growth and development, having access to basis services and to be able to establish one’s true identity in the city in its entirety. And the process of establishing all of this encompasses the Right to the City.
Main issues of injustice in the city according to her are the absence of the policies/rights/rules for the slum dwellers of the city.
According to her the movement of Right to the city has to be a deep rooted movement with utmost importance to the people’s participation.

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