From the interview series held under the Right to City Workshop: POORNIMA CHIKARMANE


POORNIMA CHIKARMANE is a member of the Kagad Kach Patra Kashtkari Panchayat (Pune) which consists of the rag pickers in the city and also a member of the Swatch Sewa Sahakari Santha which consist of the door to door garbage pickers and recyclers.

Highlights of the video: Her understanding of the Right to the city implies to conglomeration of all sections of the city from different economical backgrounds. All sections contribute to the functioning of the city and thus claiming their right over the city. All sections should be involved in the decisions regarding the city whether it is related to growth, access to basic amenities, or economic functioning. The main issues of injustice in city according to her is the injustice in the budget distribution among all section of the city. Also the budgetary spendings on the municipal education and health care in comparison to the amount spend on road construction and building municipal offices and government houses is meagre. Therefore injustice lie in the lack of knowledge of the poor in these processes. Right to the city as movement or campaign needs to focus on the what does right to the city as concept means, what does it entails and from where has the concept originated. And also what is the people’s understanding of this concept.

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