From the interview series held under the Right to City Workshop:PRATAP SAHU, Odisha State Secretary for National Hawkers Federation.

Highlights of the Interview: Pratap’s understanding of Right to the City has a big debate around it. According to him Right to city encompasses of all living in the city whether red light area workers, transgenders, rickshaw pullers or street vendors. It is not a one dimensional understanding that the right to the city is only to the rich.
The major issue of injustice according to him that is bothering his city Bhuvaneshwar in particular is the recent launch of the Smart city Project in the city. Due to this development intiative there has been a proposal of evicting 50,000 slum dwellers from the 25 slums of the city. In return of the land lost the government has assured to give houses under the PMAY scheme to the slum dwellers. These houses are as small as pigeon holes. Pratap sahu with his union and the collaborative union of the slums have been engaging in dialogue with the government to stop this from happening.

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