From the interview series held under the Right to City Workshop: RAJENDRA RAVI, Member of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Network (SUMNET).

Highlights of the Video: The meaning of Right to the City need to be integrated with the constitutional rights provided in a Democratic country like ours. There is a need for a proper definition that combines all the city related movements in place like street vendors, informal sector, etc.
The major issue of injustice in our cities, according to Rajendra is that of the interpretation of policies in our cities. For example, when the policy takes about easing urban mobility we make elevated roads or flyovers, which have been made with few in consideration and affecting the masses.
Right to the City as Movement needs an integrated framework, which brings activists working in different sectors like mobility, health, education, housing together on one platform and then move forward with an idea. People’s participation in the city’s decision making is a necessity and should not be dictated by the state. Thus bringing people together as an organisation is a must.

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